About Us

PeraoDesign this is

A professional international community of architects, designers, engineers and other professionals working in the field of design, construction of buildings, structures, creating comfort and modern engineering systems. Our goal is making modern, high-quality projects not restricted by national, linguistic, cultural frameworks.

The community provides a full range of services, from initial consultation, task setting, design, to project implementation.

PeraoDesign solves many problems for the customer and eliminates problems. For example, searching for the contractors and checking their qualifications, adapting the task, preparing project tasks for the requirements of a specific bureau and local legislation, determining pricing policies, assessing and controlling risks on site, integration difficulties, etc.

For a person planning to build or repair a property, one of the most important tasks is to match own budget capabilities with the desired result. The desired, in varying degrees, usually always exceeds the budget capabilities. How to solve the problem and "buy" a facility or project that costs more than you can pay? This task can be solved within PeraoDesign, organizing joint work of young, promising specialists and their mentors, recognized architects, designers, engineers. The division and distribution of work into various sections, implementing key stages by highly qualified, expensive professionals and performing the necessary mechanical work (drawing, decorating, etc.) by beginners gives a result in the form of a highest-level project at an affordable price. At an affordable price, our approach provides a facility or project that would cost much more using the "traditional" approach.

Applying the principle of professional partnership and cooperation, modern business process management systems and electronic document management ensures meeting deadlines, high quality and attractive prices.

PeraoDesign does not represent the interests of one of the architectural bureaus or the general contractor. We are independent of them, and represent only the customer's interests. Customer satisfaction is our only mission and goal.